Helping Agency Subscription Level Three

The optimum choice for the large agency that wishes to have live training, on site for their staff group!
The No Such Thing as a Bully Level Three Helping Agency Subscription provides:

(1) Live training with Kelly Karius and/or Ron Graham in the setting of your choice for up to 20 participants.

(2) Twenty Facilitator Memberships allows twenty trained people in your organization to :

  • Access to the online lessons
  • Access to new lessons as they are developed
  • Facilitation Support
  • Ongoing Training
  • Online Support

To take advantage of this amazing opportunity, purchase the following! Instructions for planning will follow!

One facilitator 9000  – Kelly Karius
Two facilitator 150000 – Kelly Karius/Ron Graham

Includes Hotel
Flights or mileage additional

Purchase the Subscription for twenty facilitator memberships $1200

Subscription automatically renews each year at $1200 dollars.

Find the Speaking Agreement Contract here.