School Subscription Level Two

Get your school the most benefit by creating your own on site expert to consult and work with all staff members as you implement the No Such Thing as a Bully System!

(1) Website membership for all staff includes

  • More than 25 group lessons
  • Ideas to share with parents
  • Monthly Training
  • Facebook Support Page
  • Policy for schools

(2) Two online Certification Training Sessions give you two people in your school who are certified to:

  • Provide Training in the No Such Thing as a Bully System Theory
  • Research, present and coordinate new ideas for managing bullying
  • Train school staff in integration of material into curriculum
  • Provide informal training for parents
  • Work with students individually or in groups.

(3) Two Facilitator Memberships allow your two certified staff members to receive:

  • Access to the online lessons
  • Access to new lessons as they are developed
  • Facilitation Support
  • Ongoing Training

To achieve a LEVEL TWO MEMBERSHIP,  you will purchase and use:

Level Two – two certification packages and two yearly memberships. one school membership 3200.00  (Savings of 1500.00)

A Level Two subscription renews automatically yearly at $1700.00 per year, and will include the school membership and two facilitator memberships for your trained facilitators.

I really enjoyed the staff training, especially the second day when we were able to choose the items we wanted more information on. That really helped me to ignite my interest in the program for my grade. This is a very interesting program, that has great uses in the classroom. Thank you so much for coming in and sharing your program with us, I can’t wait to use it in the classroom.

Angela J. – Teacher/Community Immersion Participant

It is awesome to have these lessons to use and great to have a common language among everyone.

Juliana N.- Teacher/Community Immersion Participant