School Subscription Level One

Allow your school staff to get a handle on bullying with a full school membership to No Such Thing as a Bully!
All staff receive access to:

  • Over 25 group lessons
  • Ideas to share with parents
  • Monthly Training
  • Facebook Support Page
  • Policy for schools

Purchase your school’s 1 yr Subscription here! The subscription is automatically renewed yearly, unless you cancel.

Why Become A Member?

  • Receive access to the online lessons for classrooms and groups.
  • Acquire new materials available to schools online as they are produced.
  • Provide your school with a low cost, school controlled system for awareness and education.
  • Create consistency between home and school in how bullying is being addressed.
  • Review, adapt, and implement applicable policies for your school.
  • Guidance for investigation and consequencing of bully actions.
  • Create a format for working with community to take pressure off schools.
  • Low cost purchasing of printed items.
  • Contribute to and benefit from a support system between user schools.
  • Provide tools to the important adults in children’s lives, including parents.
  • Ongoing online training available to all of your school’s staff.
  • Receive discounts on products including online training for parents and certification of staff members.
  • Become a grassroots part of a forward thinking movement.

I really enjoyed the staff training, especially the second day when we were able to choose the items we wanted more information on. That really helped me to ignite my interest in the program for my grade. This is a very interesting program, that has great uses in the classroom. Thank you so much for coming in and sharing your program with us, I can’t wait to use it in the classroom.

Angela J. – Teacher/Community Immersion Participant

It is awesome to have these lessons to use and great to have a common language among everyone.

Juliana N.- Teacher/Community Immersion Participant